(Bladon Village Sir Winston Churchill Memorial Hall) Registered Charity No 304269 

This charity was originally set up in the 1930s to provide and maintain a village hall for recreational and educational activities for the villagers and ‘to improve the conditions of life for the inhabitants and promote social cohesion’. The then Duke of Marlborough provided a site on Grove Road as well as a wooden building. The committee of trustees is drawn annually from all formally constituted organisations within the village plus three elected members. 

The old village hall was well used for many years, but eventually had to be demolished some twenty years ago, and there was no support for the construction of a new building in its place. So we expanded our charitable objectives to include the provision of recreational facilities, and in 2014, following a village referendum, a land swap with Blenheim enabled BVHRC to acquire 3.75 acres of agricultural land up School Lane for the creation of a new recreation ground. The land is now leased to the Parish Council, but BVHRC provided the wildflower meadow seeds with a grant from Wychwood and the community orchard with a grant from the Tree Council – and the enthusiastic involvement of villagers and schoolchildren who planted all the trees. Since then, BVHRC has been maintaining the orchard and organised a day course on pruning fruit trees. It has also provided free sports coaching each summer for children aged 5 to16, and which has been very popular. 

Our plans now are to support the acquisition of a community pub and hub for Bladon, and to organise recreational and educational activities in the hub, alongside our work to maintain the orchard. We actively seek other opportunities to further our charitable objectives for the benefit of all the villagers of Bladon. 

Current Village organisations with a seat on the committee: Friends of Bladon School (FOBS) Friends of St Martins (FSOM) Garden Society Allotments Group St Martin’s Church Bladon Parish Council Bladon Methodist Church Cricket Club (vacant) plus 3 members elected at the AGM 

Officers for 1999-2020: 

Gillian Forrest (chair) 

Jean-Luc Schwenninger (secretary) Carol Browning (treasurer)